Metabolic and DNA Fingerprinting of Sauropus androgynus, in Food, Foodstuff and Food supplement, as a Lactagogum for Increasing Human Breast Milk Production

Yunita, Oeke (2012) Metabolic and DNA Fingerprinting of Sauropus androgynus, in Food, Foodstuff and Food supplement, as a Lactagogum for Increasing Human Breast Milk Production. Project Report. Institut Danone. (Unpublished)

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Sauropus androgynus (Indonesian name: katuk) is traditionally used by Indonesian people to increase and accelerate human breast milk production. There are many publications that show the lactagogum (agent for increasing breast milk production) effect of this plant. There are many products at the market, contain extract of the S.androgynus produced by pharmaceutical manufacture which are claimed has a function as lactagogum. Despite its important effect on the breastfeeding program, there are also many investigations that reveal the side effect of this plant in Taiwan and Japan. In these countries, people use this plant for reducing body weight. After a wide-spread, prolonged and unregulated use of this plant, a few patients have died and many have developed protracted chronic respiratory failure. This research will perform chemical assessment, by metabolic fingerprinting with LC-MS and GC-MS, and genetic assessment, by DNA fingerprinting with RAPD method, for ensuring the safety of S.androgynus as a lactagogum, which is used in food, foodstuff and food supplement. The metabolic profiles of S.androgynus in food, foodstuff and food supplement will be compared each other for obtaining the specific chemical compound (s) which assumed cause the side effect of S.androgynus. For completing this assumption, DNA patterns in food, foodstuff and food supplement, will be compared for obtaining the possibility of different variety or cultivar (s) of S.androgynus within the products. The research in this proposal is the early research for research project which has general aim to ensure the safety of S.androgynus which is used as a lactagogum at Indonesia. Expected output of this research will enhance the researcher’s capacity on fingerprinting of the metabolites and DNA. The dissemination of this research could also strengthen the education and research capacity of the researcher’s institution, so it could develop the scientific community network. Research output could also contribute recommendations for policy decision at Indonesia, about the safety of herbal preparations. From this research, the researcher could also build a system for safety or quality control of plant which are used as herbal medicine and herbal supplement. This system will give a feasibility to control the product and process quality in the herbal medicine industry or herbal supplement industry, in the production chain, beginning from raw material, semi-finished product until finished product.

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Subjects: R Medicine > RS Pharmacy and materia medica
Divisions: Faculty of Pharmacy > Department of Pharmacy
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