A Study of How Political Behaviors Influence Organizational Effectiveness

Kulachai, Waiphot and Prasetyo Tedjakusuma, Adi (2020) A Study of How Political Behaviors Influence Organizational Effectiveness. In: Proceedings of the 17 th International Symposium on Management (INSYMA 2020), February 19-21, 2020, Ba Ria Vung Tau University.

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1 INTRODUCTION The organization is a place for people of different backgrounds, knowledge, values, attitudes, beliefs, and interests (Prasad 1993). Nowadays, we are liv- ing in the globalization era that is a world of infor- mation and knowledge. The movement of skilled workers, therefore, is occurring in every corner of the world, causing various organizations to have more diverse personnel or members of the organiza- tion. Elderly workers, women laborers, and minority groups in society are increasing as well as having more roles in the organization than it is before (Fer- ris et al. 1996). Although such diversity is something that the organization can get the most benefits and able to create strengths for the organization, it also became one of the reasons leading to conflicts and political behavior in an organization (Lloyd 1996). In general, whether that organization is a gov- ernment organization or a private organization, poli- tics in an organization is considered a fact in organi- zational life. It is a tissue that is hidden in all types of organizations (Ferris et al. 1996). Organizational politics is a process of action and behavior for the exercise of power (Hitchner 1992). Regardless of the organization structure or the business model of the organization cannot eliminate "politics" from the or- ganization (Martinelli & Waddell 2007). Organiza- tional politics is the cause of problems both inside and outside the organization (Martin 2006). The "politics" is ingrained in all tissues of the organiza- tion, making it extremely critical and influencing employee behavior (Chivakidakarn 2000). If we do not play politics, politics can attack us. Therefore, for success and survival, most people need to play political games (Hodge 1992). Politics in an organization affects its members and the overall effectiveness of the organization, both directly and indirectly. It affects employees, es- pecially if employees recognize that politics is harm- ful to themselves; employees will find a solution for their safety by leaving the job or ignoring the work (Baum 1989). Ferris & Kacmar (1992) found that political perception is a factor that affects the job satisfaction of employees. This is consistent with the findings of Witt et al. (2000), who scrutinized poli- tics in organizations that can cause employees to be less satisfied with the job. It is an essential factor that triggers job stress. The job stress can affect the decision of the employee to quit the job (Harris et al. 2005). In the end, it will affect the overall effective- ness of the organization itself. Organizational poli- A Study of How Political Behaviors Influence Organizational Effectiveness W. Kulachai Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand A.P. Tedjakusuma The University of Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia ABSTRACT: This study focused mainly on the effects of political behaviors in an organization toward organ- izational effectiveness. The samples of the study were 114 police officers in Bangkok Metropolitan. The questionnaire was employed as a research tool to collect primary data. The researchers used a stepwise regres- sion analysis method to analyze the data. The results indicated that image building and coalition building had a positive impact on organizational effectiveness. However, blaming and attacking others had a negative im- pact on organizational effectiveness. The findings also indicated that control of information, co-optation, in- gratiation, intimidation and innuendoes, networking, inconsiderate, use of expertise, and using key players had no impact on organizational effectiveness. Recommendation and suggestions are discussed in this article.

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