Developing Materials For Business Cross Culture Through Challenging Activities

Limantoro, Singgih Widodo (2012) Developing Materials For Business Cross Culture Through Challenging Activities. Jurnal Ilmiah Sosial dan Humaniora, 6 (1). ISSN 0216-1532

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Learning materials is one of the most important factors for successful learning. Developing materials through challenging activities that students need would encourage them to be more active and joyful in class. These materials are expected to minimize one of the. big learning problems that students face, that is, learning boredom. Tomlinson and Masubara (2004: 2) also states that students only learn what they really need or want to learn. Another survey result (Limantoro, 2009) also mentioned factors that made students enjoy learning would be learning materials (57% of the respondents), teaming atmosphere (53%), delivery method (50%) and others. The writer would develop the materials for Business Cross Culture subject to enrich the student knowledge, skills, and manners for business purposes or socialization nowadays by using classroom action research. The classroom action research cycle will start from plan, action, observation, and reflection. The next cycle is revised plan, action, observation, reflection, and then other continuous cycles. For that purpose, a survey is needed for developing materials based on the student needs. These data would be collected from the active students who learn it and some users, such as businessmen and tourists. Further, the student reflection and feedbacks are needed for continuous improvements of these materials. The materials developed are analyzed into three kinds of categories such as must know, should know, nice to know. These categories would help the writer make priorities and design the whole materials. Moreover, he has to design the challenging activities for the materials needed by the students. Through activities in class, the writer hopes the students enjoy having their challenging learning experiences on a lot of culture in class. The materials developed are implemented into classroom activities, such as games, role~plays, case-studies, project and presentation, table manners, and discussion. These games are usually used for reinforcement of the materials. In the role~plays, the students in pairs usually simulate the right action, for instance, how to meet and greet a foreign businessman or friend and exchange their business cards. Further, by using real or authentic case studies, the students learn to solve many problems relating to Culture. Each student is also assigned to conduct a project on particular culture and present the result of their projects using power points. In the digitization era, these multimedia slides are possible and enhance their presentation so that their presentation would be fruitful. The students also have to practice eating certain meals in different styles correctly. The students would not only learn the skills (eating etiquette) but also discuss the reasons or why they do that. The results of the activities would also be reflected and revised. The materials developed are analyzed and shown in the rubric of the learning materials for Business Cross Culture.

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